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Online webinar
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79 € + VAT

The purpose of the online webinar is to provide non-residents with an overview of the most important VAT issues in Estonia.

The trainee knows all important VAT regulations in Estonia for non-residents.

Online webinar is carried out by Tõnis Elling who is a tax manager at Deloitte Advisory AS.

Questions can be asked during the webinar (in chat). If you have any questions you may add them to the comments field while signing up for the webinar. We will send webinar recording to all participants who attend the webinar. Recording link is open one week.


10:00 - 12:00

VAT training day for Estonian non- residents

  • Under what conditions a non-resident must register in Estonia as VAT liable person
  • The rights and obligations of the taxable person
  • What is expanded reverse charge mechanism in Estonia
    The place and time of the taxable supply
  • Special VAT schemes in Estonia

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Non-residents, who want to do business in Estonia and are interested in Estonian tax system.

Duration of the online webinar 2,66 academic hours. Interactive lecture.

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In writing, 100% of the cost until 11.02.2019; 50% of the cost from 12.02- 26.02.2019. If canceled later than 26.02.2019 the participation fee is not refunded and the invoice is due.

Dispute settlement procedure: All conflicts and misunderstandings between the trainer and trainer will be resolved by written negotiation. Complaints will be responded to within seven working days by the project manager and CEO. If no agreement is reached, the disputes shall be resolved by the court in accordance with the procedure provided by law.

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Maarja Püssim, Project Manager of Courses and Conferences
Estonian Training and Conference Center reserves the right to make changes to the plan