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Hi! My name is Deepa Paul, and I’m a copywriter, content creator, and storyteller for hire based in Amsterdam. I’ve channeled my lifelong passion for storytelling into a creative career that spans 15 years and two continents. I tell stories for brands—from multinationals with international audiences, to startups with a global vision, to local businesses and solo entrepreneurs. What I do is help you tell your story so that people get your vision and want you in their lives. So that your story connects—not as brand to consumer, but as one human to another. I’ve been a print editor and television producer at a time when blogging and Youtube were being born. As a copywriter, I’ve made a career in words while learning to shape a keen visual sense, ensuring that stories are understood no matter what the language. And I’ve became an Instagram influencer, as a mother at the age of 37, in a digital arena that seems to be ruled by 19 year-olds in bikinis. All through the power of storytelling. Throughout my professional journey, while platforms have changed, one thing remains the same: stories have power. Through a three-part masterclass, using interactive exercises and case studies, I will share practical and inspiring lessons on how to harness the power of storytelling online and in social media, where it has the greatest potential to connect, inspire, and transform. More about Deepa and companies she has worked with http://deepa.is/

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